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Compliments of JAS_photo via Flickr

“If executives are unable to lead and manage themselves, they’ll never be able to manage and lead others” [Long, 2009, p. 19].

The focus of this blog and its contents are two pronged: one facet is (1) office organizing and transformative decluttering; and the second is (2) office decorum, emphasizing such aspects as civil discourse, respectful interaction, and appropriate workplace behavior. The article “Executive Presence: What it is and How to Get it” appropriately describes one of the most essential aspects of a successful leader – that of self-management. Long (2009) argues that managers who are lacking in this area often suffer the backlash of their inappropriate actions (in a way that they failed to predict), and in a manner that may ultimately undermine their position. Ineptitude is evidenced in the use of coercive power, or power to punish. You may have been the victim of this power play if you were: Turn the page…

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