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Compliments of Ian Boyd via Flickr

The following is a guest blog post from Susan Gillpatrick, LPC, CTS, CEAP, Centerstone Crisis Management Strategies

Can you be persecuted into developing PTSD?

What if, in your next team meeting, you get the now common but all too uncomfortable glare from your boss? The one that says, “Agree with me, or else.” The meeting begins. You sit; you listen; you nod your head. Your stomach churns, your heart races, and you consider any means of escape.

As time goes on, you lose sleep, find yourself cowering in your cubicle, and your mind is constantly reliving the feelings of intimidation and desperation from being controlled in your workplace. Turn the page…

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Compliments of DanJackson_UK

The “bullying epidemic,” as it is now known may have recently surfaced in the mainstream media through tragedy, but it is by no means a rare occurrence within educational systems or within corporate environments. Gossip, singling out other people within meetings for disparagement, public humiliation in the form of shouting, and verbally policing other people’s behavior are psychologically damaging and can (in extreme cases) result in such physical symptoms as post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, lost days at work, hypervigilance, and self-injure. Less senior colleagues and those not considered “mainstream” are the most likely to receive this type of mistreatment. Turn the page…

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