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Compliments of ulterior epicure via Flickr

In my last few blog postings, I’ve referred to Peter Walsh’s “all inclusive” approach to organizing. He suggests that taking care of ourselves is an essential aspect of organizing our lives. How often have you neglected this most important component of holistic living? Your own personal regimen should include healthy eating (difficult for me, because I’m addicted to sweets), regular exercise, yearly maintenance, and time for yourself. Turn the page…

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Compliments of Toprural via Flickr

How many times have you worked throughout the weekend, only to salvage a few precious hours late Sunday afternoon? Why do we continually shortchange ourselves when it comes to nurturing our souls? Breathnach mentions “setting aside a personal Sabbath” in which we ratchet down our frenzied pace.

She explains that the Sabbath is not a day to get ahead of your work week, or to play catch up with stragglers from weeks past. “This is what the Sabbath is for: reverie, rest, renewal, rejuvenation, reassuring rituals, relaxation, recreation, rejoicing, revelation, remembering how much you have to be grateful for, and saying ‘thank you.’” Turn the page…

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