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Compliments of Anish Kapoor via Flickr

PTSD (from bullying) can leave targets forever changed. Hyper-vigilant anxiety1 can reactivate in the most innocuous of circumstance – even with original trauma removed by six degrees of separation. The bullied live with an unrelenting imminent fear, the porcelain of a once normal thought process shattered in pieces. Millions of tiny larvae embedded within one’s mind waiting to hatch into full-blown worry. Turn the page…

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Compliments of Janine via Flickr

A defining trait of OCD is an exaggerated sense of accountability, or what’s known as “hyper-responsibility.” People suffering with this compulsion feel they are somehow “on the hook” for the actions and/or feelings of those around them. They have difficulty differentiating what is an issue for them, and what is more legitimately a topic for someone else. Their willingness to usurp others’ burdens makes them easy prey for office bullies. Turn the page…

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