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Compliments of Leandro H. Fernández via Flickr

A terrorized, outnumbered, immobilized target. Spectators in large crowds encouraging instigators with a singular desire to destroy. A planned coup in which those with power wish to cement their presumed status. Turn the page…

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Compliments of GrePC via Flickr

In the war of the mind I will make my stand (Casting Crowns).

I remember reading about a dysfunctional, codependent couple who engaged in a social sadomasochistic ritual each night. The wife (a stay at home spouse) experienced gut wrenching turmoil anticipating her husband’s reaction to dinner. To prolong her anxiety, he waited several minutes to either signal a “thumbs up” smirk, or conversely, displeasure – in which case the remainder of the evening was spent in miserable silence. Turn the page…

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