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Compliments of Der Bettler via Flickr

The lynchpin to raise standards of living is to increase productivity. If individuals create more product, companies are in a position to give raises; through trickledown, the entire economy is positively impacted. As exemplary companies have shown (e.g., The Container Store, Mary Kay, and S.W. Airlines) a customer centric focus in which employees are lauded – and in which the culture is one of caring – breeds phenomenal results. Turn the page…

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Compliments of bossco via Flickr

Leaders and managers in great organizations go out of their way to catch people in the act of doing something right.” 

Roach argues that matters on which we focus expand and grow bigger. He refers to mental imprints as small acorns which (over time) can multiply into “gigantic twisted oak trees” and “voracious fish which grow fatter.” 

Our own attention can be diverted, magnified, or repositioned depending on what we hear from other people. Turn the page…

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