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Compliment of Yan Seitek via Flickr

When everything falls to pieces, our first instinct is to crumble. Sometimes our most carefully laid plans simply fail to materialize – leaving us bewildered, shaken, and unsure of what to do next. Wallowing in what wasn’t is a recipe for remaining stagnant. In the disintegration of our dreams, the only way to advance is to focus on what we can control. Turn the page…

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Compliments of jonathanrperkins via Flickr

When wounded, our knee jerk reaction is to even the score. Instead of moving forward, our mental energy is then diverted to a lower emotional level – one which keeps us in a rut of powerlessness, pain, and self-pity. There is an old Chinese proverb: “Don’t make things so hot that you yourself get burned.” Your efforts to make someone else suffer will only boomerang, at which point people may forget who started the brawl. Turn the page…

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