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Compliments of Matt Ohio via Flickr

“Instead of more stuff in our already-stuffed lives, we can choose fewer things but better things of higher quality” (Wann, p. 41).

In our mania to outdo the Joneses, our greed to get more results in larger living spaces – but not in ones that are necessarily more tasteful. A larger house means greater fuel costs, a longer commute, more costly insurance, and additional maintenance. What could have been a charming home instead morphs into an oversized, unkempt sprawl. Turn the page…

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Compliments of colorblindPICASO via Flickr

For some of you, the following may be a frightening question: have you searched through every single drawer in your hom to ferret out the unwanted, fix the non-working, and donate the rest? Are there some areas in your house at which the idea of de-cluttering leaves you incapacitated? Turn the page…

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