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Compliments of chelmsfordpubliclibrary via Flickr

 How often have you sat in a meeting, only to hear the voices of those who were the most dominant or aggressive run show? Meanwhile, some of the best ideas go unheard because they belong to those who are less libidinous of corporate limelight. Most employees are not accustomed to the open exchange that occurs within a workplace without hierarchy. They are instead used to carrying out instructions, closely following orders, and  receiving reprimands for anything that is less than perfect job completion. John Kopicki, CEO and president at Muhlenberg Medical Center, recalls both frantically and patiently waiting for people to express themselves about company policy (Lewin & Regine, 2000). St. Luke’s Andy Law observed that even after he had abolished rigid hierarchy within his company, employees still wanted him to make decisions that they alone had the authority to render. Lewin and Regine in The Soul at Work argue that truly great leaders invite role reversal – the “human vulnerability as part of their employees we.” Conversely, bureaucrats foster shared silence in order to avoid humiliation and embarrassment. Turn the page…

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