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Compliments of New York Public Library via Flickr

Go to the horse’s mouth” is a hackneyed expression regarding direct contact. Although this may be the most expedient option, how often are we instead underhanded?   Turn the page…

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Compliments of ifindkarma

In June of 2010 I finally “got it” with regard to Linkedin. I joined this community a couple of years ago, but never really saw the need to expand my network or to interact with the other members.  Through some very active recruitment efforts I have added (in three months) a total of 171 connections, which link me to a potential total of 1,875,878 other people! I have been able to both find and connect with colleagues I hadn’t seen in several years, and to reestablish relationships by catching up on current business. It’s been suggested that Linked in is the Facebook for professionals, in that you have access to a vast array of potential business contacts. You may also hook up with individuals you don’t know either by obtaining an introduction from a direct contact, or by purchasing a Linked in option that allows for contacting non-acquaintances. Turn the page…

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