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“…out in unfettered space the shallow tongue shackled to mindless mind clutters infinity.” [MacLeod, 1984]

Compliments of Fellowship of the Rich via Flickr

When it occurs seamlessly communication is a social lubricant, a means to inform, enlighten, persuade, uplift, and embrace. As an elixir for individual esteem, verbal confluence is a surefire way to foster community. Evans (1996) in The Verbally Abusive Relationship explains the concept of reciprocal dialogue: “Mutuality is a way of being with another person … by means of clear communication and empathetic understanding.” On the flip side, conversations can be a form of stealth weaponry, and a very real way by which employees are emotionally scarred. Bureaucratic, or ego dominated discourse is an exercise in verbal beatings that beget sycophantic pleasers. Bedian (2002) explains learned superiority in bureaucrats, a process that creates individuals who are rigid, suspicious, easily slighted, distrustful of others, insensitive, undiplomatic, and inconsiderate. Because they are one-sided, sessions with these bosses are typically painful and unpleasant. They communicate ineffectively, dishonoring those around them. Turn the page…

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