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Organizing applies not simply to closets, but to every aspect of our lives – including those hidden boxes and cabinets that rarely come under scrutiny. Hiding from view are ingestibles, creams, lotions, and ointments, that if not properly managed may have unpleasant consequences.

When was the last time you took a peek inside your medicine cabinet? The capsules and dispensers lurking therein may have been appropriate at one time, but taken after their expiration date (or not in the recommended dosage) can backfire.

Have you checked if taking all of your medications (at the same time) is wise? Interaction effects could render some of them ineffective, and in the worst case scenario may even damage your health. Herbal and alternative remedies are popular (and promise to render superlative results), but they are unregulated, and can have deleterious effects if ingested in large doses (or possibly if taken with prescription medication).

More is not always better – and may in fact be unnecessary if you’re eating a balanced, healthy diet. If you’re planning to take herbal supplements, discuss their safety with your doctor. The claims (sometimes uncorroborated) may not live up to their hype.

Regarding excess: there may be some medications that you no longer take. Eliminate the unwanted, lighten your load of “daily to dos,” and clear your house of clutter all at the same time. Toss outdated  items so that you more clearly see what you own.

For the most part we casually consume OTC pain meds – but, have you investigated whether these have nasty side effects? Are there other things you could be taking (or doing) that may provide relief for your temporary condition?

Before popping a pill, think about the cumulative effects over time that this may have on your body. Consider everything you eat as maintenance for your outer temple – and, as nourishment for your soul. Take a meditate stance regarding what you put in your mouth, and be deliberative in “choosing your poison.”

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