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In our attempt to be “perfect,” we put ourselves though unnecessary pain. Checking, rechecking, and over checking can be overwhelming for people who think their work is never done, and who feel that they just can’t seem to “get it right.”

A never ending quest for perfection will do little to improve the finished product, but will contribute mightily to your mental paranoia. At some point, the project must be concluded, and you must make peace with any imperfections that may be present.

Consider the big picture: five years from now, will anyone even care about what you’ve been sweating bullets over for weeks? Are you so self-centered to think that the entire world will converge upon your project to deconstruct its premise?

No one is focused on the picayune, especially when it pertains to someone else. A myopic perspective keeps you on a treadmill of “one last thing” that will drive you (and others) crazy.

Put your best foot forward, submit it, and forget it. A healthy balance comes from putting work in its respective place, and then letting destiny take its course. You might just be surprised at how events unfold! Wrapping things up is a first step to moving on with your life.

Affix a stamp and send it (in a metaphorical sense). The feeling of closure will serve as fuel for the next project. Ending is thus a first step in commencement. We are all works in progress, but our own progressive works must near completion for us to advance.

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