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Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Bullied employees complain of over-control. Hierarchy does not imply ownership – in fact, just the opposite. In the inverted pyramid bosses act like coaches, cheerleaders, and facilitators. They are expediters in the service of their fellow teammates.

Organizational Illuminati want  “sleepers” who are directed on command. Does your boss prefer drones, workers who can be programmed, manipulated, and easily controlled?

Controllers surround themselves with the spineless –  with those who do their bidding. Aided by monitoring, sycophants who act as secret police (and senior subordinates), these people have you pegged.  Any argument from you to the contrary will be seen as a guileful attempt to subvert their story. Bureaucrats’ assessments are based on their mood, political exigencies, and advice from their cronies. Controllers pride themselves that few people can fool them. 

Employees want what they are unwilling to give – themselves stripped of power trappings.


Before using your managerial tongs, consider the consequences (and ask yourself the following questions):

  • Do you stomp infractions like renegade fires?  
  • Are you a power monger? Do you wish to hobble your workers?
  • Do you want people who grovel, or do you wish to have those who provide honest opinions?
  • Do you surround yourself with the spineless to assure compliance, eschewing “a team of rivals?”
  • Do you only discuss topics that ensure your own comfort – making others unpleasant to broach?  [note: In an atmosphere of over-control, communication slows to a crawl].
  • Do you engage people uncivilly when you dislike the subject?
  • Do you feel the desire to direct other’s paths?
  • Are you incensed when people aren’t subservient, and infuriated when they challenge your dominance?  Bullying (through excess supervision) is more insidious than boorish behavior – it’s a serpentine attempt to destroy your potential.
  • Do you punish independent employees?
  • Are you interested in showcasing your strength, or instead unearthing their talent?
  • Do have a brusque, curt, and businesslike demeanor? Are you devoid of personal warmth?
  • Are you subjugating their spirit?

Maligned employees will go elsewhere with their issues. Before you enact eminent domain on your workers, ask whether this is something they want. A mutually beneficial relationship is bilateral – one in which both parties’ concerns are placed on the table.  

If you want a rebellion, hold the reigns tight. Treat people like professionals, and they will respond with reciprocal courtesy.

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