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When the word “organizing” comes to mind, it conjures images of taking exquisite care of our things. Sometimes (too late) do we consider taking care of ourselves. As we age, it takes more time and effort to ensure that all of the parts are in good working order.

If we fail to grease our respective wheels, then we will be unable to perform at our peak. Our health then must be priority number one. When was the last time you exercised, closely monitored your food intake, got eight hours of sleep, or saw a physician? Waiting until a crisis occurs may be too late. To live a healthy lifestyle, consider the following:

  • Make time each day to workout. For some type of exercise, this may mean a few minutes both in the morning and in the evening. Some back exercises take only between 7-15 minutes to complete. Considering that individuals watch roughly thirty hours of television per week, this dedication seems like a minimal investment.
  • Limit food that does your body a disservice. The after effects of alcohol can for example appear on one’s face, while sugar intake has been linked with increased weight gain. Being cognizant of everything that goes into your body is a first step to attaining perfect health.
  • Focus on the positive and stay optimistic. Paranoia is a powerful motivator of activity that is not in your best interests. As in the movie Premonition, Bullock’s focus on the unwanted manifests in the very things she most feared.
  • Make your personal health a priority. The extra time that you invest in your job may backfire if you later use the stockpile to pay for health related problems. Taking care of everyone while you trail behind is a recipe for burnout, and eventual decline.
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