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For the past week and a half my house has undergone major renovations. Currently, I’m sleeping upstairs (on the couch) because everything is in a state of upheaval.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to endure the unexpected for more positive change.

How often do we procrastinate on doing the inevitable, when simply biting the bullet and beginning today could yield immediate results – whether it’s in terms of remodeling, reorganizing, or just general maintenance?

One thing that we don’t enjoy is havoc. At the moment, things are strewn all over my house, furniture has been displaced (just about everything is dirty), and even my pets have suffered a certain degree of discombobulation. Deprived of their routine, they wander around looking lost and forlorn

The state of my kitchen

Waiting would only delay the temporary suffering and the resulting sense of joy at seeing (and living in) a house with: new flooring, freshly painted walls, a new kitchen, and the sunroom of your dreams.

No one likes to be tossed out of their comfort zone into the unknown, particularly when it comes to our personal living space. Going with the status quo is just easier, but not nearly as rewarding as the results from temporary chaos.

What steps do you need to take to realize a more beautiful home? Sometimes all it takes is a phone call to get the ball rolling.

What awaits on the other side of chaos is a pleasure to the eye, and a feeling of accomplishment.  

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