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I remember reading of biblical visions received in dreams, or which were given to prophets in the form of vivid pictures. I think that we (all of us) are receptive to Sixth Sense experiences. The question is, how do we properly adjust our antennae? In what state of mind must we be so that we discern the desired images?

My dreams have been most intense (and well-remembered) when I was intensely engaged in an enjoyable task. For me, one of these experiences was a fast paced graduate management class that required my full waking focus, and in which the students did smashingly.

I think happiness has a lot to do with finding the clear portal to our creative side. Similarly, at the Indian Springs resort (in a state of peace) I experienced one of my most vivid images. I’ve heard that psychics are not privy to hidden information; they’ve simply found the decoding mechanism to unleash “hidden” secrets.

Our moods and many of our experiences are solely controllable by us. It’s therefore in our best interests to carefully monitor our focus.  Nepo (2000) describes negative, repetitive, obsessive thought as strangling, blocking the light from his insight, as “dark vines” creeping over his mind.

Fixation on a thought widens and deepens our neural pathway, branding it onto our brain. How much more uncluttered our mind would be if these thoughts were not present. Anxious worrying, fretful planning, despair, and a bent towards regret reside in cranial dungeons. A hopeful stance of waiting for the best, of residing in that slightly out of focus state of unease is conducive to dream realization. This state (although seemingly uncertain) is so much easier than agitated attention, and attempting to shove through our blockades.

Allow yourself to glide effortlessly, receiving the respective insights at the exact time. According to A Course in Miracles: ”If there are plans to be made, you will be told of them.” This state of affairs can’t occur if our minds are feverishly ratcheting. Loosen your grip, and enjoy the free fall into what you desire. When we decide we’re perfectly satisfied is when the unexpected can emerge. Relax and relinquish control.

Let no defenses but your present trust direct the future. [A Couse in Miracles].

Nepo, M. (2000). The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have. San Francisco, CA: Conari Press.

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