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Businesses (to stay current) continuously observe their offerings. This activity results in the following outcomes: (1) refreshing the memory of the manager in charge; (2) inciting action as to what needs ordering, transferring, or discarding; and (3) keeping the company’s contents on the front burner.

In your own home/office, do you occasionally take a survey – even if cursory – of the possessions in your personal space? Doing several passes doesn’t overwhelm you, because each time through your belongings something new can be shifted, transferred, or rearranged.

In this way you’re able to keep mental tabs of what you own. You also avoid double buying, and are able to make use of the things you’ve purchased. Every home has an infamous “junk drawer” which taken “as is” may have outlived its usefulness.

Are you successful in finding anything in an assorted array of odd tidbits? To make better use of your eclectic treasures, consider a multi-compartmentalized plastic box into which you can group related items. Those things that you can’t identify, have lost their utility, or are simply outdated should be assigned elsewhere. All your remaining items are then neatly arranged, sorted by genre, and ready at your fingertips.

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Personal inventory can be periodically conducted in each area of your home or office, at a time that’s convenient for you, and can consume as little (as or much time) as you have available. If you experience a break in the action at work (or if you need a break) consider rifling through one of your file folders or surveying the contents of a desk drawer.

Small changes, made over a period of time, add up to a space in which only the attractive and the essential meet with your approval.

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