Compliments of maxbeatty0 via Flickr

Compliments of maxbeatty0 via Flickr

Frustration is common when we feel cheated. What we don’t often realize is that negative experiences may be necessary. From the quantum physics perspective, each occurrence is not a random, disassociated event.

Given your life time goals, it’s both pointless and counterproductive to attempt to make people more like you. In the words of Gary Zukav, experiences exist:  “. . . so that you can align your personality with your soul.” What if your perceived unfairness is the very thing propelling you forth? Difficult people may be gifts in disguise, without whom you might have never made it to “launch mode.”

Instead of becoming anxious, let events unfold. Obsessive attachment to outcomes is not the answer – rather, it’s a relaxed expectancy based on inner longing that yields results.

Do you know what it is that you truly want? Unearthing this gemstone provides a trajectory for daily planning, and the embarkment to the rest of your life.

Your current situation may not be a pot of gold. Your mandate is then to craft experiences which merge real time with longing. This entails taking the plunge repeatedly, refusing to ride shotgun with fear, and possessing openness to learning something new. Someone else’s ridiculous act (viewed from another perspective) is simply an added instrument within your karmic toolkit; each valuable, but in ways you may not immediately discern.

Experiences culminate in your life’s work. Viewed long-term, the negative unwrapped is ripe with potential.

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