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Compliments of Helga Weber via Flickr

Narcissism is increasing, with more Americans feeling entitled to special treatment (and feeling incensed when they don’t receive it). I think that our self-focus – and the closeness we feel with our things – are intertwined. Excess materialism, individualistic performance appraisal, and competitive practice unearth our worst behavior. A society in which “gimme, gimme, gimme” is the norm spawns beings who are stingy, selfish, and reactive when they don’t get their own way. Turn the page…

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Compliments of Marianone via Flickr

We typically envision stalking at work as comprised of violent acts, potentially fatal occurrences in which an enraged ex-lover (or spouse) enacts a violent assault in the victim’s place of employment. A more insidious, pervasive, and psychologically damaging form of workplace harassment may also be instigated by an institution’s own employees. Stalking is considered

“…a crime of obsession, and is often associated with different types of psychopathology, including psychosis and severe personality disorders. Depending on the stalker, behavior may range from overtly aggressive threats and actions, to repeated phone calls, letters, or approaches. Stalking harassment may go on for years, causing the victim to exist in a constant state of stress and fear.”  Turn the page…

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