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Compliments of glennharper via Flickr

The following is a guest blog post from Dr. David Foote, Assistant Dean at the Middle Tennessee State University Jennings A. Jones College of Business. 

As a career Navy officer, I had the opportunity to work for some truly exceptional managers and some utterly horrible managers. That got me thinking about the whole management vs. leadership thing. After I retired from Navy life and started working on my PhD in organizational behavior, the issue of what distinguishes one from the other and what each is really about became a central theme in my studies. As you can imagine, when Jackie asked me to write a guest blog on the subject, I jumped at the chance. Most people are pretty well convinced that there’s a difference between leadership and management. There’s not much discussion on that one.  However, when I ask people what that difference is, they’re often at a loss for words.  Some typical responses include: Turn the page…

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