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This blog post was co-authored with Mr. Bob Chapman, CEO of the Barry-Wehmiller Corporation.

The CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, Mr. Bob Chapman (and author Everybody Matters), thinks that every person at work is “someone’s precious child” — a person who should treated as you would want ‘your’ child treated. Family to most people means a place where they feel cared for and safe. Families are your most staunch supporters, the people who wish the best for us and who sacrifice, who cheer our accomplishments. Such is the case at Southwest Airlines, a place where employees are expected to have one another’s backs, to speak positively about their coworkers, and to practice people centered principles — e.g., going above and beyond to demonstrate good will to both customers and to their fellow employees: “When we get in the trenches with people to embrace difficulty or hardship, and we do it without complaining, we express our love for them.” Turn the page…

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Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Why is change so difficult to begin? And, in the instances where it does occur, why does it seem to either plod forward and/or stall? One explanation could be that people are creatures of habit—meditating on the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” “let’s stay with the tried and true” mantras, instead of venturing into new territory. Confirmation bias–or our tendency to believe facts that support previous notions (while discarding what’s novel, untested, or outside our comfort) zone is partly to blame. Turn the page…

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