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Compliments of Derby Resident via Flickr

This is far from over; you haven’t seen the last of me. Cher

What prompts outrage at work is the illegitimate use of force. In his book David and Goliath, Gladwell explains that acceptance of authority, and whether it is considered “legitimate,” is premised on three pillars: (1) expectation that one’s concerns will be both solicited and considered; (2) rule predictability; and (3) consistency in application. Bosses who abrogate these expectations are viewed as capricious, volatile, and authoritarian – none of which engender worker loyalty. He states: “. . .what actually matters are the hundreds of small things that the powerful do – or don’t do – to establish their legitimacy. Turn the page…

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Compliments of mariofocaccio via Flickr

In their textbook, Kinicki and Williams explain that “out of balance” needs create a managerial “monster.” The combination of low Need for Affiliation (nAff), moderate Need for Achievement (nAch), and an overwhelming need for power begets control freaks – people who possess the need to dominate and forcibly persuade others to their respective opinions. Turn the page…

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