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Compliments of emkeller via Flickr

It’s my pleasure to welcome a new entrant to the blogosphere: Dr. Robert Giacalone, Professor of Human Resource Management at Temple University. One year ago Dr. Jeff Cornwall introduced me to this realm on his blog The Entrepreneurial Mind. I’m delighted that I now have the opportunity to pay it forward. Turn the page…

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Compliments of ahhyeah via Flickr

A beautifully appointed office begins with a clutter free work area. Howard (2010) explains that the four steps to successful organization are plan and empty, sort, shop, and reassemble. To streamline your workspace, routinely shred or recycle documents once they have outlived their usefulness, and begin each semester with a fresh plate. Anything that isn’t used on a regular basis (e.g., stapler, hole puncher, stationery) should be stored out of sight. Turn the page…

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