Compliments of Fred Seibert via Flickr

Humiliation is defined as the emotion you feel when your status is lowered in front of others” (Whitbourne, 2014).

A splat of conversational spit up. Humiliation, embarrassment, cringe worthy moments etched forever into your mind, festering in an attic full of memories – the first thing you most likely retrieve before you speak. A surge of adrenaline that creates a permanent “tattoo in the brain” which serves to warn us of impending danger (Pearson & Porath, 2009). Turn the page…

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Compliments of Samuel Dijk

The dignity of the human person is a transcendent value, always recognized as such by those who sincerely search for truth. To promote the good of the individual is thus to serve the common good, which is the point when rights and duties converge and reinforce one another” (Pope John Paul II, 1999).

Hazing. Why do we do this? And why, after all these years, is denigration of others (for the pleasure of senior members) still ongoing in 2017? The aim of hazing is to break the will; to force individuals to become one, many times through secretive ritual. Turn the page…

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