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The energy shrinkage from personal trauma (to blog posting) requires enormous time and creativity: cf.: (1) selecting pieces most relevant to the audience, and (2) condensing activities into pixelated entries supported by research. A process imbued with discomfort, to the point where only writing yields catharsis. An author’s exorcism in which troubling events can be disassembled.

Somewhat akin to the transformation process Gizmo experienced in Gremlins. Turn the page…

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Compliments of Will Lion via Flickr

I’ve got the upper hand here. I decide whether or not we will interact. And if we do, I decide the beginning, ending, and content of those interactions” (Mallinger & DeWyze, 1992, p. 25).

Some people interact from what appears to be a parallel universe, exhibiting unusual, eccentric, combative, hostile, and overscrupulous behavior. Baer (2009) notes that stubbornness and rigidity combine, to create dictatorial interaction – in which OCPDs unilaterally define terms of engagement. Low emotional intelligence is a correlate of their sometimes bizarre outbursts, and insistence on a “one best way” of doing things. Those who suffer from OCPD (Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder) have difficulty “reading” people, knowing how they come across, or reacting in ways that others consider mutually beneficial. Incessant bulldozer authoritarianism (regardless of circumstance) provides a level of control that helps them feel safe. Their desire to dominate surfaces in the following ways: Turn the page…

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