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Compliments of Thai Jasmine via Flickr

The norms of a large clique are embedded within “culture” – a shared identity that defines one set, and delineates the other as separate. Navigating inter-culturally can be a challenge, especially if we have not strayed far from our roots. In another’s ethnic enclave, everything appears exotic – even something so simple as dialing a number, or using a bathroom. Cognitive flexibility (e.g., the ability to view events from multiple perspectives) is an acquired skill, one gleaned from diverse interaction and appreciation of difference. If you feel hamstrung by a cloistered upbringing, consider the following: Turn the page…

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Compliments of Mustang Mentoring Day 2011

Large cohorts abound at lower company levels – individuals unable to find a navigator for a maze of office politics they may not even know existed. Most of what matters (at work) is what you do not see – invisible networks with centralized players, insidious slime balls with a smile on their face, office staff with agendas, along with envious colleagues plotting their coworkers’ demise. Sometimes it takes a seasoned politician (an organizational diplomat of sorts) to assist new hires in navigating the office fun house of deceiving skin-deep appearances. How then do we attract the mentor of our dreams? Turn the page…

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