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Compliments of Pietromassimo Pasqui via Flickr

Stalking doesn’t occur solely in Fatal Attraction like drama. At work, it can slither into a throb of incessant contact, all in the name of “getting to know you.” Nestled in the protection of people who look, talk, and act like they do, have similar or greater power (and are willing to go to bat if anything goes south), higher ranked stalkers see a low stakes game. Turn the page…

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Compliments of of Mark Walley via Flickr

The bedraggled use “restorative bullying” to bolster their sagging self-image – attempting to “even the scales” through targeting individuals even lower on the office totem pole. They look for employees not sturdy enough to withstand verbal pummelings – individuals who appear cast down, demure, shamefaced, self-effacing, conciliatory, and downtrodden. Sacrificial offerings on whom to cast the group’s collective sin, persons expected to “take one for the team” to relieve tensions. Turn the page…

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